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To prohibit the spread of Coronavirus, ShaoLin Center will reopen in carefully developed phases. The decision to advance from one phase to the next will be determined by the number of active COVID-19 cases within Waukesha County and the projected curve for the State of Wisconsin, as well as State and CDC guidelines for social interaction and similar businesses (gyms and fitness centers). We are currently operating within Phase II (please carefully read details below).

During Phase II, students may continue to access our online classes, and reserve an individual lesson with an instructor at the studio. Lessons are available only for students with active memberships. "Open" studio/practice time is also available, but must be reserved prior to usage.


See information and reservation instructions below.

Lesson Protocol: Phase II

  • 1:1 individual lessons; two lessons allowed in the studio at the same time

  • Lessons are 45 minutes, allowing 15 minutes to prepare for the next student

  • No contact between instructor and student

  • No combat set instruction

  • Maintain social distancing requirements between student and instructor

  • Individual water bottles may be used by instructors and students; the water fountain will not be available for use

  • Only the student will be allowed into the studio during his/her lesson time; no friends/family members may accompany them

  • All “street” shoes must be left at the door; designated training shoes must be used during the lesson

  • No Chin Na, Yoga, Basics, or Youth classes  inside the studio during this phase

Student Responsibilities
  • If ill, stay home. Notify instructor if lesson needs to be cancelled

  • Limit personal items brought into the studio

  • Wash hands/sanitize before and after each lesson

  • Wear a mask during each lesson

  • Wear a freshly washed uniform into the studio, and bring training shoes for the lesson

  • Enter the studio only when it is unlocked for the reserved lesson time

  • Sign in using the Wellness Screening Class Form

  • Be ready to begin the lesson at the top of the hour, and finish within 45 minutes

Instructor Responsibilities
  • If ill, stay home. Notify SiFu if lesson needs to be cancelled

  • Limit personal items brought into the studio

  • Sanitize hands before opening the studio

  • Wash hands before and after each lesson

  • Wear a mask during each lesson

  • Wear a clean uniform and designated training shoes for all lessons

  • Unlock the door to admit student for his/her lesson; keep door locked during lesson time

  • Be sure the student completes the Wellness Screening Class Form

  • Sanitize areas, surfaces, and weapons used during a lesson

  • Report any concerns immediately to SiFu

Shaolin Center Responsibilities
  • Provide gloves, hand soap, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, tissues, and cleaning supplies

  • Provide an “emergency” supply of masks; instructors and students should use their own for all lessons

  • Maintain entire studio cleaning once a week

  • Maintain internal environment to prohibit potential spread of the virus

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Independent Open Studio/Practice Time is available for students to practice their material. Instructors in the studio at these times will be teaching other students, so no lessons will be given to those reserving studio space for their own practice time. Space must be reserved prior to usage. 

Email Us to to reserve your time. Please include day/time you wish to access the studio.


Open Studio/Practice Time is offered on Mondays (6:30 to 9:30 pm) and Fridays (6 to 9 pm). Only current members may reserve the studio for practice. Time limit is one hour.