April 25, 2018

To the world....

My teacher, my father, my friend, passed away this morning.

SiFu Kwong Wing Lam was the one person in my life who had the greatest influence on my personal growth and development. I am who I am today as much as a result of my relationship with SiFu, as any other person or circumstance. It is my belief that many in the world feel the same way. This was SiFu Lam.

31 years and 26 years ago respectively, my mother and father passed away. There is really no way for me to share the loss with others. As the oldest of five, I felt an emptiness, a void, that I could not understand, much less fill. Today, I am experiencing that same void, that same emptiness, that immense loss.

Perhaps more words will come later; for now, "more words count less."

– SiFu Steven C. Kleppe

Disciple of Grandm...

April 23, 2015

The title is taken from The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu... and I would like to say it is an accurate foreshadowing for this entry. It certainly is a true statement, but sometimes more words are needed to help bridge the gap between concept and understanding. That said, what follows is my understanding. It is my journey... what I have come to know through the unique twists and turns of my life.


To begin the observation, we need to consider a bit of history. Taoism, like most philosophies, probably had its start as the first two humans realized the need to work together to survive. Communication became crucial to try and explain every piece of human existence; it was only a matter of time before philosophical thought would take center stage.


The Spring and Autumn Dynasty in China ran from about...

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