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All first, introductory classes are FREE!

ShaoLin Center offers adult and youth classes – six days a week – designed to fit most budgets and schedules. Members are welcome and encouraged to personalize their training through unlimited visits and cross-discipline instruction, including weekly "open" studio time (Wednesdays and Thursdays, noon to 4pm) when students may use the school to work on their material, and train individually with SiFu Kleppe

(done on a first-come / first-serve basis).


All memberships include:

• Uniform (training t-shirt & pants)

• Unlimited visits and disciplines

• No hidden costs or added test expenses

• Family discounts (25% off for each additional membership after the first)

• One free month for every referral resulting in a new membership

Single person weapon sets


New Members  

3 months • $370

6 months • $740

Annual Memberships 

12 months • cash / equals $139 monthly

12 months • financed / equals $148.73 monthly

Kids' fun martial arts class
Youth Programs


Youth & Parent Class

3 months / $370

Deep side stretch
Yoga & QiGong


Drop-In Fee

$10 per class


Coupon Card

10 sessions / $85

Chinese New Year celebrations


Lion Dancing

Contact ShaoLin Center's Lion Dance coordinator for exact pricing. 

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