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Chinese Lion Dance - Southern Traditional Futsan 

Traditional Southern Chinese lion dancing
ShaoLin Center tailors every dance to the customer, the venue, and the occasion.
Satisfied clients include:
  • OCA Wisconsin Chapter
  • Mayfair Mall
  • Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin
  • Milwaukee Film Festival
  • Golden Gate Restaurant
  • The Milwaukee Art Museum
  • Milwaukee Area Families with Children from China
  • Numerous public and private schools


If you have ever been lucky enough to see a traditional Chinese lion dance, chances are you have not forgotten it. The drums, gong and cymbals... the colorful, energetic lions... the shower of chen (lucky lettuce) across the crowd... without a doubt, the lion dance is a most captivating and enjoyable performance!


Lion dancing was cultivated hundreds of years ago. Legends suggest that what originated as a "strange beast" to chase away bad spirits at the beginning of the New Year – symbolizing the victory of good over evil – evolved into an "Auspicious Lion," and became a sign of good fortune.


In fact, today's lion costumes  incorporate numerous symbols of strength and goodness: specific colors, the special "horn" on its head, the mirror on its face, the long beard. The lettuce, or chen, eaten and then shared by the lion, also signifies good luck! 


Martial arts schools soon became the keepers of this tradition, charging the SiFu with the responsibility of training the best kung fu students in the way of lion dancing.


Not only is physical aptitude a requirement, but dancers must also display characteristics such as respect, trustworthiness and modesty. It is an honor to be chosen as a member of the team, as the lions are an outward representation of the SiFu's lineage and school.


Shaolin Center has proudly maintained a professional Southern Chinese lion dance team for over 20 years. Performing for special events of all kinds – Chinese New Year celebrations, weddings, grand openings, cultural activities – SiFu Kleppe's lions continue to awe and entertain everyone who sees them dance.

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