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​ShaoLin Center hosts a number of special events throughout the year: seminars, lion dances, a Chinese New Year celebration, and an annual holiday party – just to name a few.


Check back often for the latest details. All events posted here are open to the public.

Past Events

Long Pole Seminar-2.jpg
Long Pole Seminar


From the pages of history: Only one, the fifth son of the Yeung family boys, survived a fierce battle. Wounded, he managed to take refuge at a ShaoLin Buddhist temple; after recovering, he taught his famous Yeung Family Spear Style. Because bladed weapons were not allowed, he removed the spear tip but left the horsetail tassel in place. Today, when this set is taught in some Hung Gar lineages, a red cloth is often tied around the end that would have held the spear tip to signify its heritage.

ShaoLin Center includes the Fifth Son, Eight Trigram Long Pole Two Person Set in both the Tai Chi and Hung Gar curriculums. All students, regardless of style practiced or level of accomplishment, are welcome to learn this special form during the seminar.


When / Where / Cost 


Postponed until the studio reopens

ShaoLin Center


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