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Nothing speaks louder than the words of our students.

WuDang Tai Yi QiGong
ShaoLin Center in Waukesha Wisconsin
Weapons combat sets

   "Shao Lin Center is not simply a location where people gather to practice martial arts, but it is a place where youth and age come together to provide unlimited growth."  

– Ben B



   "Our school's lineage dates back directly to some of the great masters of China; we have classes in Tai Chi, Northern Shaolin, Southern Hung Gar, Chin Na (joint locking/pressure point manipulation), as well as numerous teachings in weapons and forms. I was, and still am, exceedingly happy that I found Shaolin Center for my martial arts academics. First-hand accounts have told me unquestionably, time and again, that Shaolin Center truly is a one-of-a-kind authentic experience in the Chinese martial arts!"

– Josh G



   "Sifu Kleppe provides the sort of extensive, personalized, traditional, and effective training that the Chinese martial arts demand and deserve. Complete from mechanics to philosophy, I place the ShaoLin Center at the absolute top of the list for quality martial arts, and life training. Cannot recommend highly enough!"

– Phil S



   "ShaoLin Center has it all: A knowledgeable SiFu, a caring martial "family," Chinese culture and vital healing arts. It is a treasure to find a school like this in SE Wisconsin."

– Marie R



   "I have trained at a wide range of martial art schools in the area, and though there are many great schools that teach any number of a variety of disciplines, this school has the best depth of curriculum combined with incredible instruction. It may take a lifetime to learn the amount of curriculum offered at this school. What's even better is that no matter how young, old or able-bodied you are, there is something that can benefit you at ShaoLin Center."

– Tony M



   "ShaoLin Center has an amazing atmosphere; one conducive to learning, but not just from the instructors... also from one's senses. Watching and listening to the depth and breadth of lessons going on can be a powerful experience. This school has transformed me into a life-long Kung Fu practitioner!"

– Chris G



   "When my family moved here in 2006, I was looking for something that would allow me to return to physical activity, be fun, interesting, and potentially a good place for my family. I found ShaoLin Center. When I entered, it felt like what I thought a traditional Kung Fu studio would feel like: Chinese symbolism, authentic traditional weapons, traceable lineage, etc. Once I heard more about the curriculum, I was hooked and have been here ever since. Eventually, my wife and kids joined; it has been a great experience for all."

– Dwight J



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