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Chinese Kung Fu

China Connection

ShaoLin Center is different from other martial arts schools, particularly in the depth and breadth of knowledge that SiFu Kleppe has diligently sought throughout his journey. While much of that experience and understanding comes from SiGung Kwong Wing Lam, as well as other Chinese Masters across the United States, a fair amount has been obtained through SiFu's repeated trips to China.


It was not enough to simply visit renowned places such as the ShaoLin, WuDang, Emei and Small Goose Pagoda Temples, or martial training centers in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Xian... SiFu Kleppe set forth to study with and learn from traditional Masters in those places. The result is a curriculum that includes an incredible range of empty-hand, weapon and combat sets – some that have rarely been seen, much less taught to students outside of China's walls.


It was also not enough to make these trips alone; since the early 90s, SiFu Kleppe has created multiple opportunities for interested students to accompany him. Each study group has returned with a deeper appreciation for the art, for the culture, and for the traditions that have shaped the foundation of ShaoLin Center. All agree that truly, China has been a life-changing experience.

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